How to Have Fun Without Drugs and Alcohol

September 29, 2013 at 6:50 am

So, you used to drink like a fish, but you have decided to quit. Or maybe, you loved to smoke marijuana, but you find it immature now. Here is how you can still enjoy yourself, without the drugs and alcohol.



1. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, do not hang out in bars. Being in a bar will just likely trigger that urge to drink.


2. Avoid old drinking or drug buddies. Yes, they are your friends, or so you think. If they really are your friends, they will be respectful of your choice to change your lifestyle and will be there for you in the end.


3. Enjoy the little and big events of life. Take up exercise or outdoor sports, such as rock climbing. You will then start to feel the natural highs that the body can enjoy.


4. Be a designated driver. You are keeping your friends safe and out of trouble this way – this also makes you a good friend.


5. Rediscover the art of meaningful conversation. It is amazing when two people in a coffee shop or diner have a great, intelligent conversation. It is so much better than inane chatter telling one another how “wasted” you feel.


6. Keep yourself open for new safe experiences. Since you are giving up one part of your old life, you can use this time to explore new options and find a new interest! Consider joining a club or sport, trying to learn a new skill, or meeting new friends!


7. Find a hobby. Something that has caused you to enjoy yourself in the past (besides drugs and alcohol!).


8. Develop your own hobby – be creative. The music that once made you feel good can still keep you fit and feeling great, without alcohol or drugs. Do some exercises and/or dance to your favorite tunes at home and feel healthy. This is one great way to sculpt and tone the body at your own pace.



  • Think of the people that mean something to you, this can be the greatest method of prevention.
  • You should note that, let’s say if you used to drink a lot or if you took drugs earlier (It doesn’t matter if its a month, a year or three years ago) a desire to do that again might kick in in the least expecting moment, so the key here is to think about taking alcohol/drugs as less as possible and keep away from places and people where you might get some.
  • Get involved! Join clubs or organizations that share common goals, interests, or beliefs.
  • Be careful and find the plan that works best for you.
  • Join the local community center for weekly sporting events. There are leagues for people of all skill levels.
  • Consider a support group like AA – they usually have fun stuff to do together.



  • Do not push your new lifestyle onto other people. Let them come to you.
  • If you used to abuse drugs or alcohol, be forewarned; some things that you used to think were very fun to do (when you were drunk or high) may not come across as fun or exciting. You may even find that you don’t want to hang out with the same people anymore.